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EIKON at Art Cologne
EIKON at Art Cologne
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Klaus Pichler - GRAPES


from the series "One Third"
Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta
30 x 40 cm, 2012/2013
numbered and signed
Edition: 25 + III

Price: € 385,00 (incl. 10% VAT)

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"The photographs in One Third stage 57 foodstuffs acquired by Pichler in supermarkets in Austria (from fruit and vegetables to processed food such as frozen battered vegetable sticks, candies, or cupcakes) in the process of their rotting before a black backdrop. They sit enthroned, sharply contoured from a light source from above the image, at the center of the picture. The visual situation recalls the cool aesthetic of minimalistic food design, but also raises the impression that the commodities stored in the glass cases are stolen objects kept in a museum somewhere between art, science, and ethnology." (Thomas Edinger in EIKON #81, S. 28)

Read more about the artist and his projects in the detailed illustrated articles in EIKON #81/2013, S. 24-30 and EIKON 10 Baustellen.

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