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EIKON Schaufenster: Michael Part
EIKON Schaufenster: Michael Part
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Daniele Buetti - 5

Edition - EIKON 5

from the series FLAGS, 2014
inkjetprint on hand made paper
64 x 52 cm
numbered and signed
Edition: 20 + V

Price: € 1.800,00 (incl. 10% VAT)

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"The Swiss artist, who has often studied seduction through advertising and polish, has been occupied recently by other phenomena of intrusion. Rather than fitting models with injuries and scars he is focusing attention on the fragility of perception. For his study of the inwardness of sensual verification Buetti proceeds rationally." (Thomas D. Trummer in EIKON #88, S. 20)

Read more about the artist and his projects in the detailed illustrated article in EIKON #88/2014, S. 20-28.

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