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Contemporary Talents 2012 Edition

Einsendeschluss: 15.12.2012

The François Schneider
Foundation, recognised as a public
interest body, has launched the
2nd edition of “Contemporary
Talents, which enables each
year to discover and to acquire
seven works of art by seven
artists implicated in the various
disciplines of visual arts.
Through the Foundation,
François Schneider also supports
contemporary creation through the
acquisition of works of art which
the talent is not still completely
recognized and which focus
particularly on the theme of water.
This will be a recurring theme
in all the events initiated by the
Foundation. Whether with regard
to the art centre which is to open
in spring 2013 or “Contemporary
Talents”, our approach is entirely
focused on water, in all its forms.

“Contemporary Talents”, with an
annual budget of 300,000 € - shared in
two parts: 150,000 € for the acquisition
of seven works and another 150,000 €
for the realisation of the works
presented in project form - will reward
the seven artists’ projects, including
the “Water Talent” award.
All the proposals will be examined
by several committees of experts
- four pre-selection committees
(each comprising two professionals qualified in their field: photo,
video, painting/drawing, sculpture/
installation) - who will examine the
work of the 40 finalists.
The choice of finalists will be
submitted to an International Grand
Jury comprised of well-known
personalities from the world of art
who will select the seven winners.

 More information: www.fondationfrancoisschneider.org