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Einsendeschluss: 30.08.2012

Are you working on a photo book? Submit your dummy to us.

 Fotogalleriet and Forbundet Frie Fotografer (FFF) welcome you to the third edition of Various Sides of Photography (Flere Sider Fotografi), a seminar on photo books taking place at Fotogalleriet from 13 -16 September 2012 in connection with the Oslo Book Festival. The seminar aims to look at the phenomenon of the photo book, which is increasingly used both as an artistic tool and an alternative form for presenting photographic art works. This year’s seminar will consist of lectures, workshops and an exhibition with a Nordic focus, making Various Sides of Photography (Flere Sider Fotografi) an important event for art professionals working with camera-based media and an audience interested in the photo or artist book.
A Nordic Dummy Award for photo books will be arranged for the first time as part of the seminar. Artists with a connection to the Nordic countries can submit their photo book dummy to Fotogalleriet/Forbundet Frie Fotografer by 30 August 2012.
The best photo book dummies will be exhibited at Fotogalleriet during the seminar period. The winner of the Nordic Dummy Award will have the possibility to work with the printing house Elanders Fälth & Hässler and Press Books.
The Nordic Dummy Award winner will be announced at Fotogalleriet on Saturday, 15 September at 19.00.



Contact us via post@fffotografer.no for questions and further information.

more information:  http://www.fotogalleriet.no/