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Encontros da imagem 2015

Einsendeschluss: 08.05.2015

(English version only)

The festival will provide opportunities for emerging photographers from around the world to submit work and create the opportunity to explore and interrogate the festivals theme of Power and illusion.

The new edition of ENCONTROS DA IMAGEM is officially open and the Entries are open until May 8, 2015, month where the results of the selected authors will be announced after evaluation by a panel of an international jury. Take the chance to compete and win great opportunities: a personal exhibition at ENCONTROS DA IMAGEM 2015, which will take place in Braga, Portugal from 25 September until october 31st 2015, and the dedicated catalogue are provided to selected artists, together with the opportunity of collaborating with national and international art galleries.

For further information visit: encontrosdaimagem.com