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Einsendeschluss: 03.07.2016

It's LIQUID Group, in collaboration with International ArtExpo, is selecting all interesting video art and performance art works to include in the next festival.

Curated by Arch. Luca Curci (director of It's LIQUID and International ArtExpo), a division of It's Liquid Experimental Art Architecture and Design Festival, that will be hosted from July 16, 2016 to August 21, 2016 at BAU International Academy of Rome. During It's Liquid Experimental Art Architecture and Design Festival will be presented an amazing programme of video art screenings, live performances, architectural, design projects and installation/sculpture. Artists, filmmakers, video makers, associate groups and studios, performers, architects and designers are invited to submit their works of video art, performance art, installation/sculpture and their architectural and design projects.

Artists, architects and designers interested in taking part in our shows, are free to be sponsored and supported by institutions, organizations, governments and their representers; the logos of their sponsors will be included in all the communication (digital and print) of the events. Artists are free to take part in one or more of the programmed events. For further information go to www.itsliquid.com