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MARIANNE.VON.WILLEMER. 2016- Prize for digital media

Einsendeschluss: 01.01.1970


MARIANNE.VON.WILLEMER. 2016 – Prize for digital media is a direct promotion of women artists who use digital media as an artistic tool and as their meaning of expression. Eva Schobesberger and the Women's Office of Linz award annually the winner of the MARIANNE.VON.WILLEMER Prize. This year works of the fields of digital photography, digital video, computer animation, generative graphics, digital music, interactive installations, network and Web 2.0 projects, media performances, media architecture, etc. can be submitted again.

Price money: Euro 3.600

Eligible for submission are female artists living in Austria and using digital media experimentally and artistically. Participating is possible for individuals and groups – a copyright declaration must be submitted (see copyright declaration at www.linz.at/willemerpreis.asp). The submitted work must not be yet awarded at the time of submission.

The works can be sent after online registration under http://willemerpreis.aec.at or by e-mail to the Women's Office of Linz (willemer@mag.linz.at).

The prize is awarded in a ceremony on November 3, 2016.

All informations under www.linz.at/willemerpreis.asp