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LOOP DISCOVER Award (2017)

Einsendeschluss: 27.03.2017

LOOP Barcelona is proud to announce the third OPEN CALL for the DISCOVER Award  – a project by LOOP, sponsored by Estrella Damm.

The DISCOVER Award has been created with the aim to support and recognize the recent production of videos and films by international artists through a free open call to the artistic community.

LOOP commits to promote the awarded work through its network, the festival, and to include it in future exhibition projects, according to the curators criteria in each case. The winning work will also be considered to access LOOP Collection and its author will receive a 5.000 € prize.

The 10 finalists selected by the jury + the most voted work by the audience will be featured in an exhibition at the former Estrella Damm beer factory, as part of the program of LOOP Barcelona 2017.

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