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OPEN CALL // CALL FOR ENTRIES. your favorite PUB. in town is looking for entries

Einsendeschluss: 20.11.2019

PUB. comes into being for the second time this year. The artistic concept/room/publication installation by Anna Weberberger and Valerie Bachschwöll is going to seek shelter in an art space situated in Linz, Upper Austria from December to January. Therefore it is looking for self-published works (zines, soft-/hardcover books, magazines, experimental forms…) that are of artistic and not commercial nature. The key subject of PUB. is „exhibiting vs. publishing“ while also creating a platform for young artists to showcase their self-published work. PUB. plays with the in- and outside, reality and fiction and the recipients expectations. Room, atmosphere and any outwards communication tell nothing about PUB.’s actual content.

Given this description, one should come to conclusion that PUB. is short for publish, public, publishing, making something public, […]. Instead of alcohol it serves self-published works. The opportunity to sell those work(s) locally can but mustn’t be considered. If so, please state the price in your application form.

Applicants should send an email with the following content (max. 2 MB) to: pub.lications@hotmail.com including:

– short description of the publication including pictures
– short biographic description (keep it short, keep it simple)
– short description of previous artistic work(s)
– if available website/IG account
– optional: quotation of price

Postage will most probably be taken over.