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PhotoBrussels Festival: “In the Shadow of Trees”

Einsendeschluss: 20.10.2021

 (English version only!)

 Prize - PhotoBrussels Festival 06
Open call on the theme: “In the Shadow of Trees”

In the framework of the 6th edition of PhotoBrussels Festival, Hangar launches a Prize for photographers  from Europe, on the theme “In the Shadow of Trees”. This call is open for an original and unpublished project elevating our consciousness of the importance of the tree and forests in our landscape and their cultural, mystical and ecological significance. Laureates will be exhibited at Hangar during PhotoBrussels Festival 06, along with a curated selection of photo artists. Several grants will be offered to the winners of the Prize in a support to the creation.

Conditions for participation
- being a European resident ;
- being over the age of majority (18+);
- being a photographer or an artist using photography (and/or video);
- who should demonstrate at least ONE of these three possibilities:
- a track record of professional practice as an artist (exhibitions, publications)
- having a degree in Photography
- being an art school trainee


- Laureates will be part of the main exhibition of PhotoBrussels Festival 06, at Hangar.
- Laureates will have their work published in the exhibition catalogue;
- Production cost of the works included in the exhibition will be covered;
- A Leica camera (Leica Q2) will be offered for the “Coup de Coeur Leica”.

Selection criteria
The project must…
- be photographic, videographic or both: all photographic work is taken into account, regardless of the genre or technique chosen by the photographers. The project can explore the limits of the medium.
- have a relevant concept story/statement
- respect the theme (see above)

The novelty of the projects will be a criteria taken into account in the final decision.
The jury will select 3 laureates.

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