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AIR InSilo Open calls for short/long-term residencies Fall/Winter 2021-2022

Einsendeschluss: 15.09.2021

(English version only)

This year, AIR InSilo is opening 3 residencies.
One short-term residency: 1 week on Oct 23-31 for the artists and curators who live in the vicinity of accessible overland travel to Hollabrunn.
Two long-term residencies: 1,5 months in Nov – Dec 2021 or Jan – Feb 2022 for the international artists and curators.


AIR InSilo is a non-profit association for the promotion of art and culture, the international artist exchange, the mediation of artistic projects in the regional and supraregional area, and the implementation of an artist-in-residence program.

Understanding artistic creation as a basic need, AIR InSilo is inviting artists, curators, and researchers to contribute their thoughts and energy to conceptualise the takes on the sustainability of individuum’s lives and ethical challenges and boundaries of sustainability of artistic production; to think of artistic production as non-commodity; to imagine alternative economic systems to sustain artistic production; to define boundaries of living space and workspace, leisure time and work time; to meditate on open-source appropriate technologies and open-design; to find the ways of collaborations of disjoint decentralized communities.


AIR InSilo provides:
- Free stay in AIR InSilo
- Travel costs 100 euro for the short-term residency and up to 600 euro for the long-term residency
- Fees 975 euro only for the long-term residency
- Production costs 525 euro only for the long-term residency
- Opportunity to come with partners or/and children
- Per Diem 30 euro/Day only for the short-term residency
- Transport costs 150 euro only for the long-term residency
- Usage of the facilities provided by the AIR InSilo
- Featuring in the InSilo Magazine
- PR support by the digital means of AIR InSilo

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