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Open Call: Onomatopee invites (sound) artists, performers and musicians

Einsendeschluss: 18.04.2023

Listening to music is an experience that involves a person’s entirety: body, mind, and emotions, placing the listener and the performer in a shared time and space; an act of being in the world.

In classical music, the term “incomplete neighbor tone” denotes a tone that is not explicitly written, but its presence exists in our imagination, and is understood and felt through the context of the entire musical phrase. This gap between the absent and the present, the visual and the auditory, activates our imagination and senses and it is at the core of the exhibition. Bridging the gap calls for multiple interpretations, points of convergence, and anchors.

Incomplete Neighbor explores how our mind complements the reality around us, how visual art and music activate our mind and trigger it to create ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

Onomatopee invites (sound) artists, performers and musicians who overlap with visual arts for an experimental evening on the 19th of May 2023.
The performances will be combined with the launch of the book Incomplete Neighbour by Hans Demeulenare and Raffaella Crispino as well as and the Vinyl Ogni Giorno by Raffaella. Link

There will be an overlap with the riso workshop, where everyone will be invited to print something inspired by the what they see and hear. Placing the listener and the performer in a shared time and space, this will be a dynamic evening of synergy and sound.

Artist fee (150,- per performance) + travel expenses

Send your proposal to info@onomatopee.net