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AIR in SILo: Open call for the Round 2023/2024

Einsendeschluss: 20.07.2023

Open call for the Round 2023/2024:
3 fully paid residency slots at AIR InSILo (In-silo.com)
Deadline: July 20, 2023, 16.00 CEST

The Global COVID-19 pandemic, a full-scale war in Ukraine, and a devastating natural disaster in Syria and Turkey – are just a few examples that exacerbated the life and work insecurity of people in general and artists/ cultural workers in particular. This call, the '(Un)limited artistic resource', aims to study and reflect the labour conditions of artists and cultural workers and focuses on the material side of creative production in terms of deficiency.

During the next 2023/24 round, AIR InSILo aims to create a space for reflection and self-reflection of an artist working in a neoliberal contemporaneity and is looking for artistic and curatorial contributions:
– which have a shape and form of intervention (to any private/ public/third/ existing/ physical/ digital/ imaginary space);
– which critically reflect artistic labour;
– which demonstrate awareness about the deficiency of artistic production and are capable of demonstrating it artistically;
– which are not afraid to work with 'poor material';
– which reflect on the speed and purpose of art labour, art production and art consumption;

We offer:
• 5-week residence in AIR InSilo, Lower Austria;
• A honorarium of 1000 Euros
• Production costs up to 500 Euros
• A coverage of travel costs up to 300 Euros
• A coverage of transport costs up to 50 Euros
• An opportunity to stay with a partner and/or 1-2 children
• Usage of the facilities and equipment provided by the AIR InSilo
• Featuring in the InSilo Magazine