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Call for Artists: Venice Experimental Video and Performing Art Festival 2023

Einsendeschluss: 07.07.2023

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ITSLIQUID Group, in collaboration with ACIT Venice - Italian-German Cultural Association, is pleased to announce the open call for VENICE EXPERIMENTAL VIDEO AND PERFORMING ART FESTIVAL 2023, a video and performance art event, that will be held in Venice at Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello, during FUTURE LANDSCAPES, third appointment of BORDERS ART FAIR 2023, from July 21 to August 08, 2023, during the same period of the 18th Venice Biennale of Architecture.

We invite performers, dancers, video makers and filmmakers to be inspired by the magical power of Venice and to analyze the hidden parts of our identities, through an immersive experience inside the fascinating universe of the complex labyrinths of our consciousness.

VENICE EXPERIMENTAL VIDEO AND PERFORMING ART FESTIVAL 2023 is focused on the relationship between body and space, and the hybridization between identities and cultural/physical/social/urban settings in contemporary times. People, backgrounds, societies, progress, cities and all their inputs create hybrid identities, modifying each other and being mixed in prospect to shape a better world.
The human body is a changing system that connects us with other bodies and spaces to perceive the surrounding reality: a strong communication system with its own language and infinite ways of expression.
After many years of research and exhibitions about the evolution of the idea of identity, we ask artists to share their personal tales through videos and performances, to create a link between their personal experience and the audience, to tell us which are the stories and reasons beneath their works.
Artists interested in taking part in our shows are free to be sponsored and supported by institutions, organizations, governments, and their representatives; the logos of their sponsors will be included in all the communication (digital and print) of the events. Click here to take part in the selection.

Deadline for applications is July 07, 2023 (11.59 PM of your local time)