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The Nordic PhotoBook Award

Einsendeschluss: 01.01.2024



Fotogalleriet relaunches the Nordic PhotoBook Award in a renewed format to support novel, radical, and cutting-edge approaches to the photobook format that rethinks the need for publishing today. The prize aims to support the production of a fully-fledged book that takes a radical approach in this critical historical time. 

Submissions are accepted from professionals based on the Norwegian territory, Norwegian citizens, or practitioners connected to Norwegian and Sámi artists and photographers.
The material may have been produced during the last year, a decade, or several decades back, but for different reasons, it never found publication. We look at the concept of the new as something that may not have seen appreciation or a proper understanding in its time and awaits publication due to its relevance today.

The value of the prize consists of kr 200,000 (approx. 17,000 € or 18,000 $), which will be channeled toward the production, distribution, and promotion of the work. The award is open to professionals using photography, proposing the book publishing as a form and a project that has not been published before.

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