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EIKON # 96

EIKON # 96

Artists | Francis Al˙s | Philipp Goldbach | Noemie Goudal | Daniel Leidenfrost | Lejo |

Carl Aigner | Thomas Ballhausen | Claudia Bauer | Nela Eggenberger | Maximilian Geymüller | Daniela Gregori | Sophie Haslinger | Richard Hoeck | Anton Holzer | Ruth Horak | Séamus Kealy | Stefan Kobel | Ivo Kocherscheidt | Peter Kunitzky | Thomas Mießgang | Margit Mössmer | Andreas Müller | Roman Pfeffer | Judith Pichlmüller | Werner Rodlauer | Gabriele Rothemann | Veronika Rudorfer | Nicolaus Schafhausen | Katja Schroeder | Steffen Siegel | Claudia Slanar | Peter Weibel | Alfred Weidinger | Manuel Wischnewski | Margit Zuckriegl

Languages | German / English
Dimensions | 280 x 210 mm
ISBN | 978-3-902250-88-9
100 pages

Price: € 14,00 (incl. 10% VAT)

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NOÉMIE GOUDAL | Nela Eggenberger
LEJO | Anton Holzer
FRANCIS ALŸS | Daniela Gregori


GLANCE. An exhibition of the University of Applied Arts Vienna


SOFIE THORSEN. Ballspielwände


Ursula Blickle Foundation
“Everything fell into place!” — Ursula Blickle in Conversation
25 Years of the Ursula Blickle Foundation


ABC. A Review | Stefan Kobel


Imaging Possibilities | Ivo Kocherscheidt
Retinal Burn | Séamus Kealy


What is left? | Sophie Haslinger
Ulay Life-Sized
| Veronika Rudorfer
FS 1 – Testbild | Werner Rodlauer
Sex in Vienna – Desire. Control. Transgression | Peter Kunitzky
The beginning of everything. About galaxies, quarks and collisions | Carl Aigner


What began with a presentation of the Dutch painter Guusje van Noorden in Kraichtal in the German state of Baden-Württemberg in 1991 could now possibly end with the show Non-finito (organized by a curatorial team of six and based on an essay by Wolfgang Ullrich): the Ursula Blickle Foundation’s more than twenty-five years of exhibiting contemporary art. Possibly—because, for one, the title of the show (on view until December 11) already raises doubts about the foundation’s intent. Moreover, it is hard to believe that Non-finito should mark the end of an era.
Founder Ursula Blickle can look back on a comprehensive and sophisticated program of altogether 95 projects, including solo exhibitions of internationally renowned artists such as Gerhard Vormwald (1992), Jack Pierson (1996), Günther Förg (1998), Cosima von Bonin (2000), Anna Jermolaewa (2002), Bruce Conner (2010), Stéphane Couturier (2010), Plamen Dejanoff (2014), and Tobias Zielony (2014) as well as numerous thematic group shows. From the very beginning, Blickle has been particularly interested in video-based art, which nowadays is undoubtedly widely accepted but still had to fight for its rightful place in the art world at the time the foundation was established. Inspired by its patron’s predilections, the attention given to video art extended far beyond Kraichtal: The Ursula Blickle Video Archive at the 21er Haus in Vienna or the Blickle Raum at Spiegelgasse have generated quite a buzz with their series and events.
On the occasion of her new—not yet quite defined—path, Ursula Blickle opens up to EIKON about her own career for the first time as well as her role as an art sponsor and where the journey might take her after the foundation closes down. Also included in this issue are
congratulations and well-wishes by Blickle’s long-term companions for her journey ahead, which will hopefully continue ad infinitum in some other form.

All the best also from us,
the EIKON team with
Nela Eggenberger

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