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EIKON #105

EIKON #105

Artists | 280A | Louise Lawler | Hans Op de Beeck | Hannah Perry | Lisl Ponger |

Gregor Auenhammer | Thomas Ballhausen | Rainer Bellenbaum | Ann-Christin Bertrand | Jürgen Dehm | Johanna Di Blasi | Pia Draskovits | Nela Eggenberger | Elisabeth Falkensteiner | Louise Fedotov-Clements | Michael Hofstätter | Georgia Holz | Peter Kunitzky | Andreas Langen | Emma Lewis | Petra Noll-Hammerstiel | Nicolas de Oliveira & Nicola Oxley | Gerald Piffl | Kateryna Radchenko | Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger | Uta M. Reindl | Veronika Rudorfer | Nina Strand | Franz Thalmair | Carmela Thiele | Magdalena Vuković | Margit Zuckriegl


Languages | German / English
Dimensions | 280 x 210 mm
ISBN | 978-3-902250-98-8
104 pages

Price: € 15,00 (incl. 10% VAT)

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Hannah Perry | Jürgen Dehm
Louise Lawler | Magdalena Vukovic
Hans Op de Beeck | Nicola Oxley & Nicolas de Oliveira
280A | Franz Thalmair
Lisl Ponger | Johanna Di Blasi


Walter Niedermayr. Coexistences—Michael Hofstätter


Katharina Cibulka. As Long As—Georgia Holz


Tobias Ehrhardt. Wizards' Institute—Elisabeth Falkensteiner

IN FOCUS: Ethics of Exhibiting

"Quality" and Inequality—Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger
Ethical Considerations—Ann-Christin Bertrand | Louise Fedotov-Clements | Emma Lewis | Kateryna Radchenko | Nina Strand


FOTO WIEN: Media Intensification and Receptive Overload—EIKON in Conversation with Veronica Kaup-Hasler and Bettina Leidl


Annette Kelm. Tomato Target | Petra Noll-Hammerstiel
Saul Leitner. David Lynch. Helmut Newton: Nudes | Rainer Bellenbaum
Digital Imaginaries. Africas in Production | Carmela Thiele
Model. Arbus. Goldin | Nela Eggenberger
Birgit Jürgenssen. I Am | Andreas Langen
Bauhaus and Photography. On New Visions in Contemporary Art | Uta M. Reindl
Manfred Willmann |Margit Zuckriegl


with Lisa Long


Alfred Ehrhardt. Fotografien


Bettina Dunkler: Bilder-Plural | Thomas Ballhausen
Alica Maude-Roxby, Stefanie Seibold: Censored Realities / Changing New York | Veronika Rudorfer
No two Alike. Karl Blossfeldt, Francis Bruguière, Thomas Ruff | Peter Kunitzky
Vivian Maier: Die Farbphotographien | Gerald Piffl
Robert Zhao Renhui: A Guide to the Flora and Fauna of the World| Gregor Auenhammer
Martin Barnes: Cameraless Photography | Pia Draskovits


Based on a point system resulting from the presence of living artists on the exhibition scene, the proportion of women among the “Top 100 Artists” is 21 percent, according to the online platform artfacts.net—a mere 16 percent among artists in general.  Even if curators—most of them men—are increasingly reprimanded for excessively careless selections, which may at least entail some reflection about the origins of the selection criteria, there’s a lot that remains to be done for true gender equality in the White Cube. Public attacks, such as outcries over the extraordinarily high percentage of men in an international group exhibition at the NRW Forum in Düsseldorf last year,  are initiatives that have emerged from this imbalance—but whether or not they actually bring about change remains to be seen.
Which practical measures can be taken for real equality? Some art institutions tackle the issue by putting on exhibitions that feature exclusively women artists. Others, EIKON among them, create awards for women artists to try to raise public awareness of this injustice.  This issue’s Focus, Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger’s “Ethics on Exhibiting,” takes the same line, approaching the subject of gender equality with two recent cases from the history of photography and concluding by asking five selected experts how they deal with the problem of gender inequality in the presentation of male and female artists. And though we are headed in the right direction, these or similar activities may not really solve the problem. Or maybe not yet.

Nela Eggenberger
for EIKON, February 2019

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