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EIKON #125

EIKON #125

Artists | Ilit Azoulay | Joachim Brohm | Judith Huemer | Nika Kupyrova | Käthe Hager von Strobele |

Thomas Ballhausen | Daniel Blochwitz | Reinhard Braun | Wolfgang Brückle | Kathrin Heinrich | Christian Höller | Peter Kunitzky | Maren Lübbke-Tidow | Katharina Manojlovic | Christina Natlacen | Margit Neuhold | Michaela Obermair | Uta M. Reindl | Nina Schedlmayer | Walter Seidl | Barbara Unterthurner | Caroline von Courten    

Languages | German / English
Dimensions | 280 x 210 mm
ISBN |  978-3-904083-18-8
96 pages

Price: € 18,00 (incl. 10% VAT)

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ILIT AZOULAY | Maren Lübbke-Tidow
KÄTHE HAGER VON STROBELE | Katharina Manojlovic
JOACHIM BROHM | Reinhard Braun
NIKA KUPYROVA | Pia Draskovits
JUDITH HUEMER | Kathrin Heinrich


20 Years of the SAMMLUNG VERBUND
A Conversation with Founding Director Gabriele Schor | Nina Schedlmayer


SPARK featuring video: Scott Clifford Evans’s Murderkino | Walter Seidl


Carlos Vergara | Michaela Obermair


Built on Sand? Wrangling over the German Photo Institute | Uta M. Reindl


Kryptomania. Promises of the Blockchain | Barbara Unterthurner
Jeff Wall | Daniel Blochwitz
Charlie Prodger. The Offering Formula | Margit Neuhold
Glitch. The Art of Interference | Caroline von Courten
Extensions of Self. An Exchange of Human and Artificial Intelligence | Christian Höller


with Nadine Isabelle Henrich


Manon Lanjouère: Les Particules. A Human Tale of Dying Water


Evelyn Richter | Christina Natlacen
Hanna Pahl: Theorie und Ästhetik des Codes | Thomas Ballhausen
Oskar Bätschmann: Das Kunstpublikum | Peter Kunitzky
Peter Geimer: Theorie der Fotografie V (1996-2022)


On the occasion of “20 Years of the VERBUND COLLECTION,” this first issue of the new year pays tribute to a corporate collection that is extraordinary in many respects: From the very beginning, in addition to the acquisition and presentation of mainly photographic works, it has taken into account the need to research its exhibits (which had previously enjoyed little recognition on the art market). Over the course of two decades, it has acquired not only seminal works by feminist artists of the 1970s (by Birgit Jürgenssen, VALIE EXPORT, Francesca Woodman, Cindy Sherman, and many others), but also works that are generally dedicated to the theme of “identity” (by Nan Goldin, Jürgen Klauke, Lorna Simpson, Ulay, Gillian Wearing, and others) or works that deal with the exploration of spaces and places (by Francis Alÿs, Louise Lawler, Gordon Matta-Clark, Ed Ruscha, and others). Today, the collection houses some thousand works by nearly 200 artists and travels to international institutions. In parallel, a total of fifteen (collection) catalogs and monographs have been published, most of them several hundred pages long, with a list of authors that reads like a Who’s Who of contemporary art theory.
One of these publications will appear in an expanded third edition in 2025 under the title Feminist Avant-Garde. The editor of this impressive volume is Gabriele Schor, who has been responsible for VERBUND COLLECTION from the very beginning. Thanks to its founding director, who introduced and promoted the term “Feminist Avant-Garde,” the collection has made a lasting contribution to the perception and appreciation of women artists since the 1970s, thus paving the way for Austrian positions such as Renate Bertlmann and Margot Pilz in particular to enter the annals of art history.           
On the occasion of this anniversary, Gabriele Schor provides insights into the acquisition strategy and important conceptual decisions in an interview with Nina Schedlmayer (see p. 48 ff). From February 29, 2024, a special exhibition at the Albertina in Vienna will take visitors on a journey through twenty years of this concentrated collecting activity.

Nela Eggenberger
for EIKON, February 2024

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