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Format | 280 x 210 mm
ISBN | 978-3-902250-52-0
88 pages


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ANITA WITEK | Ruth Horak
THOMAS RUFF | Alexandra Matzner
MATHIAS KESSLER | Dieter Buchhart
KAHN & SELESNICK | Jennifer Calkins


Kathrin Stumreich


Die 11. Istanbul Biennale | Andrea Winklbauer
TONSPUR-Utopie | Florian Wachinger
30 Jahre European Photography | Peter Kunitzky
„Ein Versuch, den Bildern wieder Wert zu geben“ | Georg Oberhumer


Olga Kronsteiner


Die Fragilität des Seins | Rupertinum, Salzburg | Nina Schedlmayer
Zoe Leonard: Photographs | MUMOK, Wien | Johanna Hofleitner
Jim Goldberg | Photographers’ Gallery, London | Wolfgang Brückle
Karaoke | Fotomuseum Winterthur | Brigitte Ulmer
La Subversion des images | Centre G. Pompidou, Paris | Arno Gisinger
Óscar Muñoz | OK, Linz | Alexandra Matzner
Zeitgenössische Fotografie aus Österreich
MMKK, Klagenfurt | Brigitte Borchhardt-Birbaumer


The artist as manipulator, as someone who uses the objectivity of science and scholarship to make a new world visible through the language of art: one artist who has chosen this role is THOMAS RUFF. In his most recent series Zycles and Cassini, which as we reported were shown last year at Vienna’s Kunsthalle for the first time as part of an individual retrospective, questions the dependence of our world order on those instruments that provide us with images. A selection of this artist’s most recent works is presented in this 69th issue of EIKON, an issue that leads us into a new decade, when we will continue to report on the most current trends as well as new images and approaches in the realm of photography and media art.

This issue’s Artist Pages also feature MATHIAS KESSLER, who by way of spectacular expeditions to the Arctic points to the gap between striving for real experience, the consumption of the authentic and the virtual creation of a world. KAHN & SELESNICK create in their work de facto a state all their own, where again an iceberg plays the main role. Their fantastic stagings search for truth in historical fiction and like Kessler’s documents attest to our ecological vulnerability.

and THOMAS DRASCHAN both work with the technique of collage but each proceeds in an individual way, one using spaces whose “walls” oscillate between words and images, the other in paradise gardens full of phantasmagorias. Both succeed virtuosically in questioning our “reason.”

The naming of Istanbul and Essen as European Cultural Capitals in 2010 was an occasion for us to once more examine the art events taking place in these two locations: our tip, a new photography festival in the Ruhr region, and in our Forum section you can learn more about last year’s Istanbul Biennial as well as an exhibition project from Essen’s Folkwang Hochschule being carried out in Vienna. As part of our international exploration of exhibitions we will take you to Paris and the surrealists, to London and National Portrait Gallery, or to Vienna and Zoe Leonard. On top of that: we bring you news from the art and book market, competition announcements, and the most important dates when it comes to photography.

the team at EIKON

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