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Authors | Renate Wiehager | Wolfgang Brückle | Brigitte Felderer | Thomas Edlinger | Bettina M. Busse | Maria Rennhofer | Claudia Marion Stemberger | Claire Breukel | Andrea Winklbauer | Alexandra Matzner | Johanna Hofleitner | Brigitte Borchhardt-Birbaumer | Régine Debatty | Michael Freund

Languages | german / englisch
Format | 280 x 210 mm
ISBN | 978-3-902250-53-7
92 pages

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GUY TILLIM | Résistance au facile | Renate Wiehager
FIONA TAN | Twenty-First Century People | Wolfgang Brückle
MARLENE HARING | Crisis Experiments | Brigitte Felderer
JAN DE COCK | Shot, Reverse Shot | Thomas Edlinger
EVA SCHLEGEL | In Between | Bettina M. Busse


Kathrin Kaiser


In Conversation: Gerhard Roth | Maria Rennhofer
Spot on South Africa: Women Photographers Fotografinnen | Claudia Marion Stemberger


South African Photography: Context, Climate, Checkbooks
Claire Breukel


Changing Channels | MUMOK, Wien | Andrea Winklbauer
Adrian Paci: Motion Picture(s) | Kunsthaus Zürich | Alexandra Matzner
Elfriede Mejchar | Landesmuseum NÖ, St. Pölten | Johanna Hofleitner
Danica Dakić | Generali Found., Wien | Brigitte Borchhardt-Birbaumer
How To Build A Dishwasher | Kerava Art Museum | Régine Debatty
The Law, Ethics, and Photography | Kunsthaus Wien | Michael Freund


EIKON is a journal is an edition is SchAUfenster is EIKON is In Conversation with EIKON…

“In Conversation” begins this issue of EIKON, a new series in which Maria Rennhofer talks with famous people from the most various realms of art exclusively for this magazine, exploring the question of the significance photography has for them and to what extent it influences their work. She begins with the writer Gerhard Roth, whose extensive archive of photographs was recently shown for the first time at Wien Museum.

Another topic of conversation in this issue is South Africa, a country whose art has gained in importance in recent years across the continents. In an interview with Pam Warne, curator of Cape Town’s Iziko Museum, Claudia M. Stemberger introduces gender questions hitherto hardly dealt with, which reflect on class differences and ethnic origin as well as the situation of art institutions and the art market. The latter is once more discussed in our rubric of the same name, which this time is dedicated solely to South Africa, in a piece by Claire Breukel.

is also from South Africa, and the first contribution to this issue’s Artist Pages by Renate Wiehager deals with his work. With his serial images, Tillim is not a documentarist, but rather a creator of images who traces moments, divorcing them from the context and forcing new interpretations. FIONA TAN, who last year presented her work in the Holland Pavilion at the Venice Biennial, consistently compels the mutual reflection of photography and film. In her project Vox Populi, she is concerned with the question of individual and collective identity.  Her most recent travels took her to Switzerland. The Belgian artist JAN DE COCK used images of his travels to the crisis regions of the Balkans for his latest works, combinations of installations and photographic works, rich in allusion, where he once more succeeds in emphasizing the dimension of temporalization. EVA SCHLEGEL—freshly appointed commissioner of the Austrian Pavilion in Venice, 2011—is known for disturbing our perception as well as experimenting with contrary states. With her impressive cloud images on lead, she brings this tension to a visual climax. Such a climax could also be experienced by visitors of this year’s Viennafair, when they participated live in a performance by MARLENE HARING or observed the artist the day after in her action Licking Glass in a gallery in Vienna. In her actions, the young Austrian artist holds up a mirror to us, and places contexts of meaning to the test.

You can also find in this issue—in addition to many other things—KATHRIN KAISER on our Student Page, an obituary for Balthasar Burkhard in Meldungen, controversies in the exhibitions section and the erotics of Vienna film in the review section.

All of us at EIKON wish you a great summer