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EIKON # 73

EIKON # 73

Artists | Manfred Grübl | Matthias Herrmann | Laura Ribero | Pipilotti Rist | Susanne Schuda |

Contributors | Thomas Ballhausen | Brigitte Borchhardt-Birbaumer| AA Bronson | Matthias Harder | Ursula Hentschläger | Daniela Hölzl | Cathérine Hug | Herbert Justnik | Linda Klösel | Olga Kronsteiner | Peter Kunitzky | Sören Meschede | Andreas Müller | Petra Noll | Gerald Piffl | Michael Ponstingl | Florian Rainer | Maria Rennhofer | Magdalena Simmerer | Markus Weckesser | Claudia Weinzierl

Languages | German / English
Format | 280 x 210 mm
| 978-3-902250-61-2
92 pages

Price: € 14,00 (incl. 10% VAT)

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PIPILOTTI RIST | Cathérine Hug
MANFRED GRÜBL | Linda Klösel
SUSANNE SCHUDA | Ursula Hentschläger
LAURA RIBERO | Claudia Weinzierl


Jasmin Schaitl


In Conversation: Dominique Meyer | Maria Rennhofer
Between the Disciplines | Elisabeth M. Gottfried


Limited Recognition | Olga Kronsteiner
Marketing Is Everything | Olga Kronsteiner


Hans-Peter Feldmann. Una Exposición de Arte | Sören Meschede
Ilse Haider: Objects and Photography | Brigitte Borchhardt-Birbaumer
Mitch Epstein: State of the Union
| Markus Weckesser
Klaus Pamminger
| Andreas Müller
Sissi Farassat: SIOSEH forever | Petra Noll
Nan Goldin: Berlin Work | Matthias Harder
TONSPUR expanded: The Loudspeaker | Andreas Müller
Bruce Conner: The 1970s. Painting/Drawing/Film | Thomas Ballhausen


On March 3, the waltz begins when the Vienna State Opera invites guests to come to the world-famous Opera Ball. This year, just as in 2009, artists were invited to submit designs for the poster. In 2009, the artist chosen was Norbert Brunner—whose work was featured in this journal coinciding with the mother of all balls—and in 2011, the jury chose a work that deals with the very unique “residents” of the famous musical institution. In the fourth installment of our In Conversation series, Maria Rennhofer speaks with Vienna’s new opera director Dominique Meyer—who alongside his passion for music is also a decided art fan—about the opera ball and the significance of video and film.

SUSANNE SCHUDA presents her social critique on this issue’s Artist Pages. Using her idiosyncratic visual language, she contrasts world images, fragmenting them and creating works that emblematize the dissolution of the self. Young Colombian artist LAURA RIBERO also explores the self by presenting the vanitas motif in her photography in a new and almost painterly fashion, in so doing objectifying herself. Converting the subject into an object is something that is also achieved by the art of MATTHIAS HERRMANN, who takes us by surprise with a completely new series of works. In his melancholic travel images “people exist as absences;” he confronts us with the “re-vision of the ordinary,” as AA Bronson puts it in his wonderful piece.

MANFRED GRÜBL’s Personal Installations are disturbing and provocative; they question the relationships between artists, the audience, and the art system. Grübl’s critical engagement with art spaces also brings us to the subject of the Europe-wide EIKON Competition, which is being held to mark the twentieth anniversary of this journal. Read more on page 82. Gerald Bast, the rector of Vienna’s Universität für angewandte Kunst, informs us about the design competition at UAK as well as the new study program TransArts in an interview where he also discusses in particular the special relationship between scholarship and art. Swiss artist PIPILOTTI RIST, who studied at the Universität für angewandte Kunst, creates works that luxuriate in color. Her first film premiered in Vienna this fall, where just recently a building by star architect Jean Nouvel opened, featuring an impressive ceiling designed by the artist. We have decided to dedicate the cover to Pippilotti Rist, and we hope you will enjoy both this issue and a spring bursting with color!


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