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Contributors | Robert Ayers | Thomas Ballhausen | Melissa Cann-Evans Alonso | Nela Eggenberger | Manisha Jothadi | Olga Kronsteiner | Andreas Müller | Georg Oberhumer | Marc Peschke | Gerald Piffl |  Maren Polte | Uta M. Reindl | Maria Rennhofer | Andreas Spiegl | Angela Stief | Peter Weiermair | Duncan Wooldridge

Languages | German / English
| 280 x 210 mm
| 978-3-902250-64-3
88 pages

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TARYN SIMON | Robert Ayers
AERNOUT MIK | Manisha Jothady
JOHN HILLIARD | Duncan Wooldridge
ROMAN PFEFFER | Angela Stief


Laura Wagner: Selbstportrait mit Zunge


In Conversation: Kathrin Röggla | Maria Rennhofer
ISEA: It´s in the Game | Georg Oberhumer
A New Face at the Akademie: Martin Guttmann in Conversation | Andreas Müller
History of European Photography: A Monumental Work | Gerald Piffl
IN MEMORIAM: Bernhard Blume | Marc Peschke


100 Stations in the Oeuvre of Henri Cartier-Bressons | Maria Rennhofer


Bethan Huws: Films | Thomas Ballhausen
Territories of Desire: Russian Contemporary Photographs | Nela Eggenberger
Flowers: Time, Death and Beauty | Peter Weiermair
Frontiers of Another Nature: Contemporary Photographic Art from Iceland | Maren Polte
Harun Farocki: Images of War (at a Distance) | Melissa Cann-Evans Alonso
Joel Sternfeld: Color Photographs since 1970 | Uta M. Reindl


When JOHN HILLIARD tosses his camera into the air, it’s not an angry outburst of rage, but the start of a systematic investigation. We have tried to explore photography and media art systematically and rigorously ever since the founding of this journal in 1991. In this 76th issue of EIKON, the fourth issue in our twentieth year, we once again present five artists from different countries who take positions on current developments and trends or, for example, the British artist John Hilliard, seek to trace out the essence of photography. New York artist TARYN SIMON—currently with a solo show at Tate Modern—shows with her series of blood lines and things thought dead that photography is both, truth and fiction. Social crisis and political tensions are the basis for the video works of Dutch artist AERNOUT MIK. His multiperspectival juxtaposition shows society in transformation, and allows the everyday to appear surreal.

The paradox of the thing and its opposite, as Andreas Spiegl writes, is the motif of the works of JULIA MÜLLER-MAENHER. Her sociographic studies of a shoe empire show how everything contains its opposite. And ROMAN PFEFFER sees things in yet a different way: in his highly aesthetic photography the everyday becomes a piece of art and a chandelier is split in two halves.

In our Forum, we interviewed Martin Guttmann, the new photography professor at Vienna’s Akademie der bildenden Künste, who commented on resistance against net-based pop and how students can change the world. Kathrin Röggla talked with Maria Rennhofer about some new ideas for a novel based on the revolutions in the Arab world, and Thomas Licek discussed the mammoth task of putting together a compendium of European art history.

This issue also features on an electronic arts festival in Istanbul, a farewell to the photographer Bernhard Blume, and another impressive panorama of exhibitions with photography from Iceland and Russia and flower power in Innsbruck. And finally, the issue concludes with the usual two pages featuring delicious treats from the book and video market.

Bon Appétit,

Elisabeth M. Gottfried
And the whole team here at EIKON

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