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Artists | Julien Crépieux | Martin Osterider | Wolfgang Reichmann | Cindy Sherman |

Contributors | Robert Ayers | Wolfgang Brückle | Thomas Edlinger | Ruth Horak | Manisha Jothady | Andreas Müller | Gerald Piffl | Maria Rennhofer | Andreas Spiegl | Nathalie Viot | Andrea Winklbauer

Languages | German / English
Format | 280 x 210 mm
ISBN | 978-3-902250-68-1

72 pages

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CINDY SHERMAN | Robert Ayers
JULIEN CRÉPIEUX | Thomas Edlinger


European Month of Photography


Night Games


In Conversation: Olga Neuwirth | Maria Rennhofer
Aperture 2.8 | Andreas Spiegl
The Lemaître Collection | Nathalie Viot


Oskar Fischinger: Space Light Art—A Film Environment | Robert Ayers
Manfred Wakolbinger. Up from the Skies | Andrea Winklbauer
DLF 1874: The Biography of Images | Andreas Müller
Rosângela Rennó. Strange Fruits | Wolfgang Brückle
Werkschau XVII: Robert Zahornicky. Works 1981–2011 | Manisha Jothady


This past spring, MoMA held a large scale retrospective of her work; exhibitions in San Francisco, Minneapolis, and Dallas followed, and Vienna presented a look at her early work for the first time this year. Now the 79th issue of EIKON presents the most recent works of the grande dame of self-portraiture: CINDY SHERMAN. Chanel outfits from the early twentieth century, landscapes, and above all a great deal of fun are the ingredients in her painterly mise en scène. Plastic bags, dresses, or bananas are the corpi delicti in the work of WOLFGANG REICHMANN. His passion is the photogram: he is interested in the technique’s immediacy, which allows it to present the magic inherent in things. A comprehensive show of his subtle oeuvre will be presented at Vienna’s Fotoraum this fall. JULIEN CREPIÉUX is the French shooting star: the shadow of a utility pole on the desert floor is the protagonist of a poetic piece that reflects on the nature of the media. His work is featured in prominent international collections, for example that of Isabelle and Jean-Conrad Lemaître, which we present in a separate contribution. This issue’s special is a work by MARTIN OSTERIDER—broccoli, to be more precise—a mere selection of his varied body of work in which he tries to re-describe the world by taking various elements and rearranging and reassembling them. This is also true of EIKON’s SchAUfenster, which will be presenting Osterider’s works through the Month of Photography this November.  

Apropos: this issue of EIKON also features a preview of this year’s Month of Photography, which is being held in seven European cities. In our In Conversation series, Maria Rennhofer speaks with composer Olga Neuwirth, honored with Austria’s Staatspreis in 2010, about her relationship to the visual media, her latest production at Wien Modern, and her own film ideas. Aperture is the name of a new series here at EIKON dedicated to a contemporary concept of the media and will take a look at respective training structures. Andreas Spiegl kicks off the series in this issue with Aperture 2.8. On our Student Page, Universität für Angewandte Kunst presents a project on Arthur Schnitzler, and our exhibition reviews take a look at shows such as the Graz exhibition Biography of Images, Oskar Fischinger in New York, and Rosângela Rennó in Winterthur. In our book reviews, read about cinematographic spaces and unrealized photographs.

We wish you loads of fun and inspiration!

Elisabeth M. Gottfried
And all of us at EIKON


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