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Call for European Photographers - HANGAR Brussels

Einsendeschluss: 30.05.2020

Hangar announces the launch this Monday 20 April 2020, of a photographic mission
open to artists confined in Europe, on the theme “the world within”. Selected
photographers will be exhibited during PhotoBrussels Festival 0 5.


Mission: Experiencing the confinement
The vast majority of the European continent is undergoing extraordinary
circumstances of deprivation of freedom and enduring unforeseen hardship. The
photographic mission consists in creating a new series of images telling something
about the experience of confinement.
The objective is to see how artists can pr esent their vision of “the world within”
through a positive lens, bursting the quarantine universe. This ca psule of
confinement natures the seeds of human resilience. Creativity, empathy, love,
reflection, sense of humor and the inspiration of natur e: proven principles that boost
our immune response, a speedy recovery, and may lead us to a better world “after”.
This venture is also designed to support photographers by offering them hig h
visibility (exhibition, publication, traveling exhibition, etc.). Also, a total fund of 30
000€ will be shared between the selected photographers and the winner of the “Coup de
coeur Leica” will be granted a Leica Q2 (value: 4 990€).
The jury is composed of European experts in photography.

- Registration deadline 30 May 2020
- Submission of portfolios Between 01 June - 30 June 2020
- Selection by the jury July 2020
- Announcement of the laureates 25 July 2020
- Curatorial and scenographic decisions September 2020
- Exhibition (PBF 05) 20 November - 20 December 2020

How to apply?
All the details about the conditions: