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The compromise with reality is something I still need to find
The compromise with reality is something I still need to find
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Mihael Milunovic - Lust

Edition - EIKON Lust

50 x 40 cm, 1999/2005
numbered and signed
Edition: 30 + V

Price: sold out


Mobile consists of photographic shooting of car plates that has been installed in different urban ambience and situations. Once the information about the actual social problems has been received through the media, is instantly immersed in the collective unconscious of the urban environment. Mobile should reveal, like on the screen, this suppressed social facts. Urban move is important because of its individual-collective ambiguity.

All the words used on the car plates were choosed by its potential social role and significance. The present disposition of the words on plates connect them directly to identification process, hence the support (the car plates) are working in the mode of the ready made recycled standard of police identification code within the scopic and surveillance regimes.

The vector of car plates are the vehicles, cars of all types, the very essential means (symbols) of mobility and individual social identification (or personalisation).
Here both modes were taken to underline this structure. The state of the supports employed is highly anonymous which brings on the surface two major principles: presence and mobility. The real identification is the identification of these principles.

(Mihael Milunovic)

Zum Werk des Künstlers

Mihael Milunovic ist ein Künstler, der verschiedene Medien wie Malerei, Fotografie, Skulptur, Installation, Video nutzt und diese auch verbindet. Sein Fokus bezieht sich sowohl auf soziale und politische Themen, wie auch auf Kontextualisierungen von Objekten.

Lesen Sie mehr über den Künstler in: EIKON #51, 2005, S. 24-29, Mihael Milunovic. The Ghosts – Les Imgaes Revenantes (Autor: Florian Halm)