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Anna Malagrida. Cristal House

Künstler | Anna Malagrida

Philipp von Rosen Galerie
Deutschland, 50674 Köln, Aachener Straße 65

von 04.05.2018 bis 09.06.2018
Eröffnung: 03.05.2018 19:00


We are pleased to announce with Cristal House the inauguration of our fifth solo exhibition with Anna Malagrida on May 3, 2018 at 7 pm. The winner of the 2017 Cart Blanche PMU award presents her most recent project at Philipp von Rosen Galerie, after being exhibited at Centre Pompidou. Cristal House is the name of a racing horse. In her new project, Anna Malagrida draws upon photography, text and video to carry out the attempted depletion of a place: a horse race betting house located in the center of Paris. From the street and through the large windows, Malagrida shoots repetitive movements and the waiting of the gamblers. Located in the interior of the room, she meets them and carefully listens to them. Lured in by the great megalopolis, a large majority of the gamblers are migrants coming from all over the world dreaming of a better life. The notions of dreaming and the inherent hope to every gambler unfolds into the image of the one who migrates. The betting house is transformed into a theatre of hope; the metropolis becomes a transit space of fortuitous intersections, and a multiplier of solitudes. With the photographic series Les Mains, hands are observed up close, intensively. These hands are represented as outside a clear sign system. For Malagrida, the imagery of hands does not have a predefined structure, nor does it form a part of a logical system. The gestures are ordinary, sometimes related to activities carried out by a gambler, but sometimes also involuntary. Some of these depictions of hands seem to express anger, others joy; some are welcoming, others hostile.